Fantasy Faerie Tales

Throne of Ice 2018

Throne of Ice is book 1 in the Gothic Faerie Tale trilogy & the first book in the Gothic Faerie Tale series.

In the realm of Eliedda lies the peaceful Kingdom of Turia, home to Queen Eleanor and her husband King Eldwin. Before the birth of their first child, Princess Khione, a cruel twist of fate and a demon’s intervention destroys their lives forever.

Queen of Thorns 2018

Queen of Thorns is book 2 in the Gothic Faerie Tale trilogy.

Gerda and Kai make plans to return home, as Khione recovers from Queen Eleanor’s second failed assignation attempt. Even though Khione remembers nothing of the last six months, she faces some tough decisions. 

Reign of Fire 2018

Reign of Fire is book 3, and the concluding part of the Gothic Faerie Tale trilogy.

Khione, Gerda, Kia and Celina's futures are looking brighter and troubles from their past are behind them, or so it seems. Ruby, who remains in hiding from her evil grandmother— along with Jonathan—enlists the help of faeries Fay and Ella. 

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