May Newsletter

May Newsletter Dear Readers I solemnly swear not to mention that four letter acronym GDPR again…well not in the next paragraph, honestly. For many of us lately the mere mention of it has had us running screaming from our email inboxes and so I thank those of you who bravely opened my email to find…

Reasons to Subscribe

Reasons to Subscribe I will start by saying a big thank you to those who have re-confirmed their subscription. I am glad to have you onboard and the fact that you have chosen to reconfirm your subscription means that you truly wish to hear from me.  It isn’t an easy process moving subscribers to WordPress…

An Apology

  For those who have recently subscribed to receive email notifications, I apologise if you have not received the correct Confirmation email. This has now been corrected. Please email me or use the Contact Me form on this site, and I will send you the password.


I have been making a number of changes to my website and how I keep in contact with subscribers. My website now has a dot com domain ( and a couple of weeks ago I purchased a security certificate to insure any information provided to the website remains security. This will be particularly useful as…

The Perils of Publishing – Part Two

The Zero-Sum Game When you imagine an author what does that spring to mind? In my experience, there are those that imagine that authors are making big bucks for every book they publish and live the high-life. Others imagine a struggling artist living on nothing but their imagination and despising the vulgar notion of receiving…

The Perils of Publishing – Part One

After seeing a discussion in one of my FB author groups, I thought it would be a good idea to make a post about the topic being discussed. If this post can help just one person or save them from falling into the trap of rip off author services, it will have served its purpose.

Interview with Zara Quentin

About the Author: Zara Quentin is the author of Airwoman, the first book in an exciting new young adult fantasy series. She was raised in Adelaide, Australia, with one younger sister. Zara grew up with a strong sense of adventure, which she inherited from her parents, who took her and her sister on trips to the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Zara has lived in France, London, and Auckland, New Zealand. She is always determined to fit in as much travel as possible, spending time in Europe, the United States, southern Africa, Morocco, Peru, the Pacific and south-east Asia.