New Prof.

About Me

I was born in Rochdale, Lancashire, in England. I spent some of my childhood years living in New Zealand and South Africa. As a child, in the days of BD (Before DVDs) I wrote short stories. One of my first story characters was a naughty boy called Cheeky Charlie. I also enjoyed writing humorous poems and radio scripts with my sisters. We used to act out the radio scripts and record them on an old tape recorder. Most of these ‘scripts’ were humorous and we had a lot of fun ‘broadcasting’ them on our fictional radio station Radio 4½

At school being a writer was never consider a career option. To be honest I didn't consider it myself. After not securing a place at college, I decided I was not going to continue in further education and so I joined the workforce instead.

I met my Cypriot husband Sotiris whilst on holiday in Cyprus. After the birth of our daughter, I studied Complementary Therapies part-time. When she started to school, I started a part-time job at a school.

In 2011, I toyed with the idea of trying to sell some verse to greeting card companies. For many years, I have written my own verse in cards for family, friends and work colleagues, and I received positive feedback. I wasn't successful in selling any verse. However, I did find my passion for writing had returned. In 2012, I discovered content site writing. I wrote a number of non-fiction articles and a fiction this article inspired to write my first fiction novel.

My stories tend to include elements of history, mythology, folklore, and legends. I have also never lost the love for fairytales that I had as a child. I enjoy reading books from different genres.

I am a passionate animal lover and I am owned by a cat. Anyone with a cat will tell you cats are never owned the cat owns you.

I live in the UK after spending 14 years living (on and off) on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.